Benzy Golf

Shop premium golf gloves and accessories, mindfully created to elevate your game and help celebrate your unique personality with the colors to match your style.

Your Game Starts Here

Named after the founder’s son, Benz, Benzy is a premium golf glove and accessories company based in Chicago, IL. This project was created out of the love and passion for the game and its fashion.

Every Benzy glove is made with premium-grade Cabretta leather to give you that buttery soft feel. The leather promotes a stronger connection with the club, giving you confidence in each shot. Our signature circle bird logo is a reminder that each time we tee it up we are all chasing the same thing, circling those birdies. Each logo color was intended to match your on-course style.


Why Choose Benzy

Performance enhancing

"The Benzy gloves feel great and offer a nice grip, enhancing my performance overall. They maintained the grip extremely well through a heavy rainstorm."

— Janey Smith, Vancouver, BC

Soft and durable

"I am very picky when it comes to the gloves I use, consider me the Colin Morikawa of weekend hacks. Benzy has the perfect balance of feel and durability."

— Carmen C, Chicago, IL

Matches Perfectly

"Big fashion guy here. Have always struggled to find a simple clean glove that had that perfect amount of added pop to compliment my outfit. Benzy has done it perfectly"

— Minh N, San Jose, CA

Circle Your Birdies

Equal Parts integrity etiquette, golf is a game of honor. But, perhaps more importantly, golf is a game that is meant to be fun. Born of the same spirit, Benzy celebrates the unique personality of each golfer with products and colors to match your play. Our signature circle bird logo is a reminder of focus and intent to achieve what keeps us coming back, circling those birdies.